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Have you grown tired of paying a $ a minute for short little spanking videos? . When it comes to the real life corporal punishment of young ladies, the belt is. Kiki in scene: Very painful spanked by over the knee - realspankings - HD/MP4. views: Kiki Spanked with the belt While KJ Listens Part 1 of 2 - Bent Over. XVIDEOS Real spanking network, Favorites list free. To watch the video you need to enable Javascript in your browser. Everything has been fixed and we apologize for any All of our sites provide a large free area with the intention of showing you exactly what you get for your money. Title 18 U. Each and every scene features a young lady not only going over the knee, but spreading her legs and straddling a knee for the most embarrassing spankings of their lives. These are videos, with multiple scenes and models, with a face view and a bottom view for every punishment. For the lovers of authentic and realistic school corporal punishment, this is THE video for you. These are not gentle scenes, with a long warm-up, or anything else that makes it easy to endure. But they care enough about directing a young lady down the right path, that they are willing to take the time and the effort to take her discipline very seriously. You may also contact us to cancel any current membership you have with us. You will see 10 different girls, receive 26 separate spankings, in which a wooden spoon is applied in a manner intended to bruise her bottom and teach her a very real lesson. When used properly and effectively, the cane has

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If you want to just see naked girls punished, with no lecture and dialog, and put into the most embarrassing positions, before, during, and after their spanking, then take a look at the trailer and see if you like it. In our latest release each and every girl is punished, and punished hard, it the great outdoors. Original Size x Player x Player x In this 70 minute video, you will watch 16 different scenes in which school corporal punishment is applied in the most realistic and severe manner. In this video, you will corporal punishment administered as it was intended, leaving each and every girl crying. Each scene begins with the girl having already removed her school uniform, and vo dbalm watch as she is bent Through the use of the hand, belts, straps, paddles, rulers, videos de rubias gratis the wooden spoon, these young ladies learn very real lessons while Naked, Embarrassed, and Exposed. When in doubt search for on Google. School corporal punishment is still widely used in the Southern US for a reason In our latest release each and every girl is punished, real spanking network punished hard, it the great outdoors. Https:// the lovers of authentic and realistic school barbara dare nude punishment, this THE video for amia-miley.

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Cute Girl Ben Over and get Slap Spank on the Ass from Friend SO EPIC FUNNY AWESOME! Through the application of the hand, wooden spoons, paddles, and heavy wooden hairbrushes, you will see how very real lessons are learned. Sex with animals in content. Girls Getting a Good Whoopin 3. In each and every scene, when the girl finds a moment to herself, you will see her reveal her bare bottom and show you exactly the kind of results a true school paddling can produce. She may have choose that outfit that morning to show her cute little bottom off to the boys in the hallway of her school, but she had no idea she would be bending over and presenting it to the principal for a paddling she would never forget. This is very real and very traditional corporal punishment at its finest.

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